Science of Becoming a Female Investor E-Book

The Secret Guide to Becoming a Wealthy Female Investor

Why I Wrote This Book

Women own 40 percent of businesses in the United States, yet they receive significantly less investor funding than men. I’m on a mission to change that by teaching women how to become investors.

My goal with this book is to bridge the gap between women and investors by empowering women to become successful investors. I want to empower women investors to make smart decisions and invest in women-owned businesses, which historically receive significantly less funding than male-owned businesses, yet perform better and yield higher returns.

If you have ever wondered what it takes to become an investor, this book is for you.

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Who Should Read This Book?

I wrote this book for all women who are interested in learning how they can grow their wealth by investing in private businesses. Studies show that one of the main reasons women don’t become investors is because they lack confidence in their ability to succeed as investors. By reading this book, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get started investing in businesses.

Investor Secrets

Learn the secrets of becoming a successful female investor from someone who has decades of experience investing in private companies.

Start Investing

After reading this book, you’ll be ready to start investing in private companies. You’ll know how to find companies to invest in and which ones will net you the highest returns.

Build Wealth

Investing in private businesses is one of the best ways to build wealth. Learn how to find investment opportunities that will help you achieve all of your financial goals.

Finance is Still Largely a Man’s World

Although women have made great strides in the world of business over the last several decades, the world of finances is still male-dominated, especially when it comes to investments. Consider these statistics:

● Women represent only 7% of partners at top 100 venture capital firms. (TechCrunch)
● Women represent only 14% of private equity investment professionals in the U.K. (Preqin)
● Women run less than 10% of mutual funds in the U.S. (Morningstar)
● Only 9 women appear on the 2020 Midas List, which recognizes the top 100 venture capitalists in the world. (Forbes)
● Women make up only 14% of angel investors in the U.K. (This is Money)
● In 2019, women-owned businesses received 2.8% of all venture capitalist funding, which marked a new record high. (TechCrunch)
● At the end of 2019, only 14% of fund managers were women, which was also true at the end of 2000. (Morningstar)

Change Starts Now

Nothing is going to change without someone stepping in and giving women access to the tools and resources they need to make smart investments. Improving the investment landscape for women starts here by learning the science behind becoming a successful female investor.

Empowering Women Through Education

I truly believe that knowledge is power. Once you know how to invest in private businesses, you’ll be empowered to find companies that you’re passionate about supporting, and that can help you build personal wealth.

We Need to Work Together

When women work together, we can do anything. By bringing women entrepreneurs together with women investors, I believe that we have the power to change the landscape of business now and in the future. Are you ready to get started?
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