Apply for Funding

We accept applications for funding on an ongoing basis. Please limit your funding application
to a brief executive summary as defined below.

We accept applications for funding on an ongoing basis. Please limit your application to a brief executive summary as defined below.


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Funding Application Requirements

Your company funding application should be limited to an executive summary of no more than five pages.
Entire business plans can often exceed 30+ pages, which makes it cumbersome for our members to efficiently screen applicants. Instead of sending your complete business plan, we ask that you limit your application to your executive summary so that our members can quickly and easily locate the essential information they need to make a funding decision.
Five pages are more than enough space to tell investors what they need to know about your business. Through our experience, we have found that business owners who clearly articulate their company’s mission, product, market, financials, and future projections in five pages or less have the highest chance of success with investors.

Key Information to Include in Your Submission

Make sure to include the following elements in your funding application to give investors a clear vision of your business objectives and your business plan.

Basic Company Information

  • Mission
  • Ownership status
  • Development stage
  • History, including founding date and accomplishments to date

Products / Services

  • Sales/distribution plan
  • Unique attributes and opportunities
  • Description of products and services offered


  • Industry trends
  • Size and definition
  • Needs for products / services
  • Relevant partnerships and status


  • Competitive advantage/market differentiators
  • Barriers to entry for competitors and company
  • Comparative analysis, including key features and benefits


  • Advisors
  • Board of Directors
  • Needs/key vacancies
  • Previous experience working together
  • Experience of all senior management, including previous start-ups


  • Founder’s investment
  • Projected use of funds
  • Exit strategy and timing
  • Specific funding needs for this round and subsequent rounds
  • Summary projected financials (one and three to five years)


  • Companies must submit executive summaries online through the website or directly to
  • You must submit a payment of the processing fee of $100 with your submission. This fee is payable online at Companies failing to make the processing payment will not be considered by the screening committee.
  • We consider all executive summaries we receive by the 5th of the month for presentation at that month’s member investment meeting.
  • We hold any submissions we receive after the 5th of the month for the following month’s review and consideration.
  • We post all executive summaries under a members-only section of They will remain posted for approximately 120 days.
  • The screening committee considers all timely filed and completed submissions.
  • The screening committee will notify selected companies by the 12th of each month.
  • The screening committee will notify non-selected companies by the 15th of each month.
  • The screening committee will offer non-selected companies feedback to help them with future applications.