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Join our exclusive members-only network of female angel investor, venture capitalists, private equity managers and family offices looking to invest into female owned businesses.  Inside, you’ll gain access to all the support, expertise and investment opportunities you’ll ever need to plan, launch, manage and grow your investments.

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If you are an accredited angel investor or VC (male or female), join the network to nominate, and get access to, early-stage funding rounds by women-led companies.

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If you are a female founder, list your startup to get exposure to our network of investors. Or, get warm intros to angels and VCs even long before you start raising capital.

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If you’d like to learn about angel investing and being prepared to write your first check, sign up for our mailing list to learn about educational events, dinners, resources, and more.

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Female’s looking to make a powerful impact on other female owned businesses. Female Investors looking to take there investments to the next level

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“Women-founded companies outperform their male counterparts by 63% despite receiving just 7% of venture capital.  Even the playing field and get the funding women deserve & investing opportunities for powerful female angel investors”

Rose Vitale

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Did you know that only 25% of women business owners seek funding?  Female Angel Investors level the playing field with Female Angel Network’s Funding Matchmaker

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Get the inside scoop straight from professional women with successful investment portfolios. Packed with actionable insights, you’ll learn exactly what savvy investors look for before investing in a small business, how to become a female investor yourself and the mistakes to avoid along the way.

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Have a business success story to share?  Want to hear how successful entrepreneurs and investors got their start and carved their niche?  Our weekly podcast sheds light on the emerging trends and topics that are impacting your life now and in the near future so you can make informed choices.

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Join forces with thousands of other like-minded female angel investors, get answers to your most pressing questions from those who’ve been where you are now and build lifelong relationships with other entrepreneurs across America

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Rose Vitale is available for speaking engagements world-wide. She has spoken on many investment related topics, women empowerment, & women entrepreneurs issues. 

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