Female Private Investor

What is a Female Private Investor?

Many times I get asked what do Female Private Investor invest in? This questions has many answers as not all female investors are the same. Often times female investors will invest in start-ups, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Companies, Angel Investing Groups/Clubs, Real Estate Funds, & Hedge Fund Investing.

Its important as a female private investor to understand the fundamentals of each of the investment opportunity. For example I often get asked what type of companies due I invest in? To answer this question is simple I invest into companies I understand first and foremost. Second I invest into companies were I have met the founders, spent time with there company, & team members. This helps me get an understand of how they run there business, where I can add value or not. This is a key component of my investing strategies. I have built out 3 key components to my investing strategies.

I wrote a book called “The Science of Becoming a Female Investor” (The Secret Guide to Becoming a Wealthy Female Investor). My hopes & dreams for the book is to inspire more women to become investors. Remember the more we know the less we are afraid of something. This is 1 of the most important factors to become a successful female investor and Female Private Investor

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